Friday, 16 March 2012

Stacking Rings

Hi Ladies,

I bet you are all thinking TGIF!

I wanted to get a post in before the weekend officially commences as I am not sure I will have a chance to post before Sunday.

So...stacking favourite past time...not! But I do love the different looks you can so easily achieve through stacking rings. I do this all the time.

My favourite stack consists of 2 rings from the QVC Tacori range and a delicate shared prong diamond eternity ring:

A shot further away:

I think the two stimulated ruby rings were a great buy from QVC. I wear them all the time and get many compliments on them. If you wanted to you could easily get away with letting people assume these are the real deal. They are no longer available on the QVC site but they do have this ring which is very similiar:

I also pair the rings with my engagement ring:

I think delicate eternity bands really make a solitaire engagement ring stand out and are a great look :)

Pave and shared prong rings together:

Another eternity band from the QVC diamonique range which is paired with my diamond eternity band from David Morris:

I think the above photos just goes to show how great QVC diamonique is and that you don't have to spend £££ to achieve a sparkly realistic look. You can mix diamonique with your diamonds for a more economical way of having variety with your rings.

Shared prong jewellery (my fave!)

The rings in question:

A close up:

The obligatory sparkle shot!

Hope you all have a sparkly weekend, it is a shame the sun has gone back to hiding from us :(

For those of you with wee uns have a lovely Mother's Day!



  1. I love stacking rings and ur engagement ring Is absolutely stunning!