Monday, 12 March 2012

Mummy Mondays!

Hi Ladies!

I want to introduce Mummy Mondays! Every Monday I will dedicate a post to being a Mummy, I hope all the Mummies out there will find the posts interesting.

My daughter is now 15 months old but I will try and include posts from newborns all the way to the wee toddlers :) I thought a good area to start off would be decor of the nursery.

We did not know the sex of our baby so kept the colour of the decor in unisex colours. My Hubbie wanted to have a bright and colourful nursery (this also has the added advantage of being very stimulating for young ones).

There is a popular store in Europe called Mamas & Papas. Being the first grandchild both our parents were very enthusiastic and excited :) We were fortunate that they gifted us the nursery furniture and decorations. So without further ado here is my wee ones Gingerbread themed nursery:

The cot (didn't stay this way for long!):

We hung these bouncy toys from the ceiling which she loves!

The book corner (don't think she will be reading the Winne the Pooh box set anytime soon!!)

The blinds:

I love the colour of the blinds and the pearl finishing touches. They were very economical to make as we have small windows.

Close up:

The toy box (now houses my shoes lol!):

I think I was a bit naive when it came to the decor of the nursery. My daughter never slept in the Moses basket, the cot is now in our room and it never stays tidy lol! We have made changes as she has grown and this is how it looks today:

The overall look is incredibly easy to achieve. We didn't change the colour of the original walls but added a border all the way around the middle of the walls. We had the blinds made (much cheaper than curtains) and used toys as the majority of the decor.

A big shout out to everyone who helped us with this nursery as we would not have been able to have this without them.

Wee bit of advice for any expectant parents - lay off the cute toys! I know it is incredibly hard to resist but trust me, you will get a fair few gifted!

Good luck and happy parenting to all the expecting parents out there :) It's a heck of a ride!


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