Monday, 26 March 2012

Mummy Mondays - Mothers Day Meme :)

Hi Ladies!

Wow, what a week, I have been down with tonsillitis, then my wee one was not well and my Brother got married yesterday up North!!!

I missed blogging for a week and have lots of posts planned :)

I am sorry this is so late but better late than never...right?

The lovely Karen @ has tagged me (my first tag ever woop! thanks Karen!) in a meme, which was originally started by More Than A Mum and so here are my answers to her Mothers Day Meme!

Describe motherhood in 3 words:
Amazing, fulfilling, exciting!

Does your experience differ from your mums and how?
OK, to answer this question from the heart I have to share some personal information about my life that I never thought I would share so publicly :)

My dear Mum passed away when I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter. So, for obvious reasons, yes my experience has differed from my Mums. The thought never crossed my mind that she would not be around to see her granddaughter and to experience being a grandmother. It has been emotional (and still is for me) to say the least. I experience many 'I wish' moments. From the simplest I wish Mum was here to push my wee one on the swing and see/hear her squeal with laughter to wishing the 3 of us could be together on special occasions like Mother's Day.

I hope I haven't made anyone teary eyed! Just to end on a happy note I am glad my Mum knew I was preggars and she saw the scan photos and was over the moon knowing that I was going to be a Mummy :)

What's the hardest thing about being a mum?

I think the same as the above really, as it has brought up so many emotions for me that I never thought I would feel from anger to simple desperation.

Oh and sleepless night! My poor eyebags!

How has it changed you?

I feel I am alot more in touch with myself. Before my daughter was born, I worked in the City in London and sometimes it felt like the days would just pass by with the mundane routine. Now, I am more productive and efficient with my time.

The biggest change for me is I feel like I have found my calling in life and feel extremely content.

What do you hope for your children?

I hope my children find true happiness and always remain humble and down to earth.

What do you fear for them?

I think I fear the obvious of harm coming their way. As any mother would say, to see your child unwell or hurt would break their heart.

What makes it all worthwhile?

The smile and mwwwwwah first thing in the morning. The sound of her pitter patter tiny feet. Her calling 'Dadddyyyyy' when she hears the key turn in the lock. Wow, so many things!

So her are 3 ladies who I think are pretty cool and would like to tag on to this meme!

Bubblegarm ://


Oxford Jasmine

Looking forward to reading yours :) xx


  1. hey lady :) thanks for the tag... havent done it yet but am working on it:) so sorry to hear about your mom :( had something similar happen to me... my dad was diagnosed with Cancer when i was 6 mo pregnant ... we passed when my Daughter was 4 months old..... tough, but i am happy he got to meet her, although he was very sick by the time she was born :( anyways... just wanted to drop a not to say sorry... and that i can totally relate...

  2. Hello! Thank you hun. I am sorry about you Dad, it really is so hard to go through, especially with the bambinos. Defo makes you stronger as a person I think, and you don't stress the small stuff quite so much! Puts everything into perspective :) xxx