Sunday, 23 September 2012

Louis Vuitton Trevi PM and Tapage Bag Charm

I got very spoilt last month as my Hubbie treated to me to a LV Trevi PM in Damier Ebene and a LV Tapage Bag Charm!

I have wanted a LV handbag for a while now and was very happy to go into the LV shop at Westfield and walk out with one. Their customer service was exceptional!

I wasn't sure whether to buy this bag or not due to having a wee toddler but after trying it on in the shop, I knew it would be perfect. It has both a shoulder strap and top handles which fold down, so it can be used for Mummy time during the day, and if you whip the shoulder strap off it is very chic bag used for going out to dinner etc. A great all rounder.

It is also pretty roomy, I manage to fit all the essentials in there and have some room left over :)

I couldn't resist blinging my bag up with the Tapage bag charm! It is gorgeous! I have had loads of compliments on this. I think bag charms are great as you can obviously use them on different bags thereby changing their look very easily.

Here are some eye candy photos:

The charm!

A final one:

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday ladies!



  1. Just adore this bag! I however have yet to dive into the "charm" world of LV... If i did i would go along the lines of your taste, classy & neutral ;)

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