Sunday, 11 March 2012

Last bling from Dubai...

Hi Ladies,

I thought I would start off Sunday with a nice and easy post ( I am still in bed with my bambino) snoozing beside me.

So here they are my eternity band and diamond bangle...the last pieces from Dubai...I am now officially banned from buying diamond jewellery!

My bangle has a shared prong setting and has diamonds 75% of the way round. The bangles in the shop were full eternity bangles but I knew that the setting for the underside would defo take some knocks and over time probably get damaged due to wear and tear. From memory this is just under 2 carats:

The sparkle:

Modelling shot:

I also bought an eternity ring. I love stacking rings with my engagment ring (mental note for separate post!) and I usually stack a couple of very delicate bands with it. On our first wedding anniversary my Hubbie surprised me on return from a very long work trip with an eternity band! Unfortunately the craftmanship was not up to scratch and a stone fell out fairly quickly :( I had this ring recycled in Dubai into the pear shaped pendant. So, anyway, here is my new eternity ring! It is 1.7 carats:

With my engagement ring:

Finally altogether:

I defo have what I would say a 'classic' diamond wardrobe now...I may post my studs in another post. I never thought I would have this at my age and do feel extremely blessed.

Upcoming posts this week will include the first post for 'Mummy Mondays', I am planning to post about our nursery decor.

Beauty posts with include my foundation testing over the last couple of weeks, John Frieda 3 day straight, L'occitane and my fave lipsticks and lipglosses! Busy week for me! :)

Happy Sunday Ladies!


P.S. If I have time I will do the ring stack post this evening


  1. I really like they way you put the two rings together. Whenever I get married thats how I want mine. I would chose the wedding band in silver too. Some people choose gold but not loving that so much.
    looking forward to seeing your studs :)

  2. Thank you Mariam (love your name). I prefer the silver look too. I will post my studs soon and also post about the other rings I wear with my engagement ring.

    Thanks for posting! xx

  3. I agree, I love how you put the two rings together! So cute!!

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  4. Found your blog through tPF. I'm a first time mommy too (and lover of all things sparkly and pretty lol). Gorgeous bracelet and Ring. I have always wanted to visit Dubai, but havent had the opportunity to do so. Definitely still on my list though.

  5. Thank you ButterflyLilies (love the name!). Yay for first time Mummy! I am about to start Mummy Mondays, so keep a look out, I just posted about nursery decor. Dubai is great and very baby friendly, just go in the cooler months.

    Off to check you blog out! Love tPF!