Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sparkly Studs

Evening Ladies,

I am sure you have figured out by now that I have a serious passion for jewellery! I think more than clothes, bags etc jewellery is my favourite purchase.

Since I have had my wee one I mainly find myself wearing studs to avoid any pulling temptation for her!

I bought these Shamballa stud earrings a few months ago and I now wear them all the time. I first bought the clear ones (they are 6mm in size) and was impressed with the quality and sparkle for the price. There are many shops selling these on Amazon, I paid £8 for mine.

A few weeks later I also bought the rose gold colour:

A link where you can find them:

I also have a pair of diamond stud earrings which are a classic staple:

Had to get the mandatory sparkle photo in there:

My love of jewellery started young and on my 16th birthday I was extremely lucky to receive small diamond stud earrings from my parents. I have had the studs made into drop earrings now, but I still look to them as my first pair of studs. The centre diamonds in these earrings are my original studs:

Sparkly Sparkly!

I was a bit hesitant to have these made, as I thought my daughter would have a field day with them, but luckily she merely points to them now and again and lets me enjoy my bit of bling in peace!


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