Friday, 9 March 2012

A few more bags...

Hi Ladies,

It's Friday yay!

Just a quick post about two of my favourite handbags. The first one my Hubbie bought for me on my first birthday of us being a couple :) I remember very clearly, it was about a week before my birthday and he told me to meet him at the Royal Exchange, there was nothing strange about this as we both worked very close by. When I got there, he asked if I wanted to go in the shops but I wasn't really in the mood. He kept on for a few minutes, and it wasn't too hard for him to convince me to go into Gucci! After about 10 minutes I walked out with:

It is a black leather Gucci Indy bag with the classic Gucci Bamboo. I love this bag as it is not seen alot and it is defo a forever bag.

A couple of close ups:

My other fave handbag is at the other end of the ££££ spectrum costing me a mere fiver from good old Primark:

I love slouchy bags :) This is my Mary Poppins bag, as you really can fit ALOT in, so much so that I sometimes use it as my weekend bag if we are going away.

Lastly I thought I would put in my first designer bag bought with my own money! I was lucky enough to get onto a good graduate programme as soon as I left Uni, and still remember planning my purchase! I think this bag has 'first designer bag' written all over it! It is small and has a logo all over it lol.

Close up:

I still like this bag but I think my taste in bags has changed to less in your face logo to alot more subtle! It's all about the bags design now as opposed to screaming a designer name!

Hope you have a great weekend Ladies, I will be posting!


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