Thursday, 16 February 2012

My First Post :)

Thursday 16 February

Hi Peeps,

I have wanted to set up a blog for the longest time and I am finally putting fingertip to keypad and getting on with it. I realise there are tonnes of beauty blogs out there already (which I can spend hours reading everyday!) so I thought what the heck, I will be yet another out there :)

I will be posting not only on beauty but bling! I do love my jewellery but not just jewellery, as many girls, I like nice things :) So when I say bling, I pretty much mean everything other than beauty which I love!

There might be the odd random posts, as well as a few mummy postings ( I have a 14 month old daughter).

I hope you enjoy reading my posts :)

All positive comments and advice is most welcome


P.S. I am going to be working on the arty side of the blog, I realise it is very basic visually!

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