Saturday, 25 February 2012

Jewellery Storage

My favourite subject! Well jewellery, not jewellery storage, which can be a bit boring I guess!

Over the years I have accumulated a fair bit of jewellery from costume to the more nicer pieces. As I have just bought a new jewellery box I thought I would post about how I store my jewellery.

Warning this post is photo heavy!

My earring stand on my dressing table:

I bought this from Monsoon a couple of years ago. On the top row are earrings and the bottom row bracelets. This is not my everyday jewellery. As well as storing my jewellery I think this looks pretty sitting on my dressing table :)

With a storage pot and trinket box:

Both the storage pot and trinket box are from Monsoon home.

The below jewellery box, I have had for over ten years. I bought this in Egypt. It is currently on my window sill along with a couple of trinket boxes (posted below). This has jewellery from my teenage years that I never wear but I don't want to part with as most of it is real silver and a bit sentimental :) I also have some of my Mum's old jewellery in here.

A couple of trinket boxes from Singapore, these are empty...but again I think they look pweeeettyyyy!

A photo of my trinkets which I keep on my drawers. The majority of these are from Monsoon, apart from the cream pot and one of the photo frames which are from Pakistan. As you can tell I love pretty little trinkets!

I love the detail of this one!

The tea light holder and pot I use for random make up pieces.

Ok, moving on to the more serious storage...

The above box my hubbie bought me for my birthday a few years ago from the Autograph range at M&S. I used to use it all the time but I hate getting fingerprints all over it lol, so it is sitting on my drawers along with my trinkets, looking all art deco!

I have been looking for a practical jewellery box that I can put all everyday-ish jewellery in and be very easy to get to. I came across 'STACKERS'. These boxes are fab! They are made up of different trays which you can buy according to your needs. So you could buy just the top tray which has a lid, or just have an open tray, or like I have, stack a few layers and have a more traditional jewellery box. I opted for a cream colour:

Inside the top layer with flash:

Inside the top layer no flash:

Second layer:

Lots of sections!

The last layer:

Phew! I didn't realise I had quite so many different ways of storing my jewellery lol!

Hope you ladies have a great weekend :) xx

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