Tuesday, 21 February 2012


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Anyway, back to business...MASCARA! I am always on the search for finding the perfect mascara :) I have never worn fake lashes apart from individual inserts on my wedding day. To be honest, I just cannot apply them!

I feel like I have tried pretty much every mascara going from the high street brands through to the more expensive high end brands.

An everyday favourite of mine is Lancome Hynose. I tried this after reading it is a favourite of the Kardashian sisters, as their lashes seem to go on forever!

However, my all time favourite mascaras are:

I have used the YSL mascara for years, it defo adds ALOT of volume, however I have found that it dries up rather quickly and due to the price tag this is a pretty big downfall for me.

My recent try and my now holy grail mascara is Benefit's They're Real. This mascara does make you look like you are wearing false lashes, and it does not dry up quickly. You can build up the intensity of this mascara so it can be worn both during the day and for a night out. The best thing overall about this mascara is that it does not CLUMP!

The price is that of a high end mascara but as it has no negatives for me, I think it is worth it :)

Here are some photos of me wearing it, with and without flash:

This is the mascara I will wear in my FOTD photos nine times out of ten.

Have a great day ladies! xxx

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