Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Interiors - Light up! Light up!

Hi Peeps,

I hope you made the most of the 29th today :)

A couple of years ago my hubbie and I bought our first home together...since then we have slowly been decorating! We are almost there but still have our living room to go and the finishing touches to put into place.

I love decorating and will be posting about my favourite bits and pieces or looks we have achieved in the house. First up is lights! We have gone for a classic but modern theme throughout the house...

My bedroom light:

I love Art Deco and this light really jumped out at me to achieve this look in my bedroom.

The hall light...I found it very hard to get a good photo of this light but here you go:

In the spare room we have created a clean and minimal look. This light finished off the look:

The lamps in the spare room, which again have the art deco look:

For the light above the dining table we wanted a very eye catching light and found this in Dwell:

Our family room, which is basically a large study, that we have turned into a chill out/play room:

The lamps:

I saved the best for last! When we were expecting we didn't find out the sex of the baby, so had to decorate the nursery in unisex colours. This is the fun light my hubbie chose:

I just realised I have left out the bathroom lights but they are relatively boring compared to the above!

Happy reading ladies!


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