Saturday, 18 February 2012

My favourite new lip combo!

Hi Peeps,

I think I have been waiting so long to blog that I now well and truly have the bug! lol

On the way to Dubai last week, I could not resist but to pick a couple of things up from MAC! I have a true weakness for lipsticks and lipglosses. I usually go for the my lip but better colour but lately I have been getting into my brighter pinks.

I bought MAC Fanfare lipstick and MAC Cultured lipgloss. I paired these with an old Bobbi Brown lipliner. Here are the swatches for features in my FOTD post below.

MAC Fanfare lipstick

On neutral background

Swatches L-R, Bobbi Brown Lipliner, MAC Fanfare Lipstick, MAC Cultured lipgloss

I will post my favourite lipsticks and lipglosses soon!


  1. Good luck on the new blog! So far so good.. great choice of lip combo!! Perfect for the season! xx

  2. Thank you Tali, and thank so much for visiting my blog :) Any advice would be much appreciated! I am addicted to new lip combos lol, but yup perfect for spring :)