Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer Scents

Hi Ladies,

A few years ago I would have one trusty bottle of perfume sitting on my dressing table. I would wear this no matter what the occasion or weather. This bottle was always a Chanel number, usually Allure, Chance or Mademoiselle.

However, my collection has slowly been expanding. On my recent numerous trips through duty free I bought a couple which are perfect for the Summer months. These are Issey Miyake Florale and Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia Cologne.

The Issey Miyake comes in the classic L'eau D'Issey bottle but with a hint of pink. It also came with a great handbag size bottle:

I have always loved this scent. The Florale features fresh notes of lily, mandarin and rose. This is a perfect everyday summer scent.

I also picked up my favourite Jo Malone colgone:

This scent is a staple for me during Summer and can also be layered with the other Jo Malone fragrances during the colder months.

What perfumes do you wear during the Summer?


P.S The new Gucci Flora range smells divine!

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