Thursday, 24 May 2012

Holy Grail Hair Products!

Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all enjoying the sun! My wee one and I have spent the last two days out in the garden :)

Speaking of the wee un (I am not blaming her in any shape or form!) but since she was born my once silky hair has become incredibly dry :(

In the last year, I think I have tried every nourishing hair product going from supermarket shampoos to the top of the range hair elixirs.

So, what have I concluded?

I would certainly say a mix of warm oils used as a deep conditioning treatment from none other than the kitchen cupboard works a treat! I personally use a mix of almond, coconut, mustard and olive oil. Sometimes I also mix in my Moroccon Hair Oil/Keratase Elixir. I tend to leave this in my hair over night.

Now, when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. I have used L'oreal, John Frieda, Keratase, Phyto, Ojon...I think you catch the drift!

I am currently using the new offering from Keratase:

This is designed specifically for long hair and claims to leave the 'hair with a frizz-free finish with weightless movement and a natural glossy sheen'. To say I have become weary of these claims would be an understatement! However, I have to say that these products are doing what it says on the bottle - woohoo! I was incredibly impressed with how soft my hair felt, it was also very shiny!

The only other products I use which live up to their claim are John Frieda and my favourite hair products of all - Phyto.

Do you suffer from dry hair - I would love to know what you use to combat this.


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