Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pretty Little Things!

Hi Ladies!

Apologies for my absence! I had a severe allergic reaction on my face :( After a visit to an amazing Dermatologist, my skin is almost back to normal :) I have been make up free for the last two weeks in a row, which is very rare for me, and I have to say I love it! Once my skin is back to normal I will be posting a bare faced chic look.

I have been thinking about doing a few decor posts to change things up a bit. We have recently put up a lot of art work in our house so you will see a post of these bits in the near future.

Today I wanted to post about a few 'pretty little things', I picked up from Next a few weeks ago. I completed my room months ago with the wallpaper, furniture and blinds but always felt the little bits and pieces were missing to make it complete.

I was on their website buying my daughter some clothes and had a look at their interior range and was pleasantly surprised :) There were lots of things I liked including cushions for my bed, trinket boxes, vases and clocks.

Here are the things I picked up, the vase on my window sill:

Birds trinket box (I LOVE this!):

My mess inside the box:



How my bedside table looks:

Lastly, some cushions I got, I love the lace cushion and bird turquoise cushion :)

I think my room is now almost complete yay! xoxo

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